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Odcinek 462

Data publikacji: 2011-11-25 
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m4720 2011-11-25 21:37:38
wow! W końcu Zosia i Piotr ! Szkoda, że to dopiero za tydzień :(
m4720 2011-11-25 21:37:51
wow! W końcu Zosia i Piotr ! Szkoda, że to dopiero za tydzień :(
Niuchaa565 2011-11-25 22:21:09
świetny! ;P
ktoś555 2011-11-27 11:03:31
Ja to bym chciała żeby coś pokazali o Lenie i Witku
Justi 2011-11-28 16:39:31
Zosiu szkoda takiej pięknej bluzki ;P
m4720 2011-12-01 21:00:29
Lene i Witka to prawie zawsze pokazują a Zosia & Piotr co dwa tygodnie są, niestety :(
czarna1301 2011-12-15 12:47:34
żeby pokazywali często Zosie i Piotra szkoda ze rzadko pokazują.Ciekawe czy będą razem Piotr widać że ja kocha ale czy Zoscia ciekawe czy czuje coś do niego Lenę i Witka nie lubię za bardzo
2013-08-04 05:49:29
Scatts,Everybody would love to be paid more. Salaries must be linked to laobur force efficiency, otherwise pay rises will only trigger inflation. You won't get it round.Oddly enough, I do put aside half of my earnings, but this is quite easy because I live with my parents and give them token 500 PLN as my contribution for running the house and don't spend much on various types of entertainment.A piece of advise for you set up a savings account for Zosia and pay there some sums regularly. My parents did it and at the age of 18 I had enough money to buy a small brand new car. Then the money hasn't been wasted and money produced money (compound interest rule).I don't know much about blind acceptance of developer-set prices, but banks surely don't put stock in valuers' job. They (rzeczoznawcy majątkowi) have their professional standards they hardly ever abide to. Often their valuation reports are a piece of crap, but that's a different story.Point 6 (this might soon become a catch phrase ) I know just upon arriving somewherea decision to buy something would be at least reckless. But when did you come to Poland? Wasn't it around 1998? Only later on you got married and your daughter was born, in 2003. 2004 gave an excellent opportunity to buy something at pre-boom price. (OK, I'm giving up on preaching).There must have been some misunderstanding if you gathered I assumed property prices could only rise. I don't believe and I think this belief is fundamentally flawed. I don't want to treat a flat or a house as an investment that should bring a profit higher than a bank deposit. I would buy it to have my housing needs met and I wouldn't care if the value went up or down. My parents bought their house in 2004. Price, finishing costs, bereaucracy-realted charges and interest on mortagage totalled to some 600,000 PLN. Three years later, at the height of property boom the market value of the house was some 900,000 PLN if not more, not I think it could be sold for 700,000 PLN. Were they any richer in 2007? Are they any poorer now? They don't care, me neither, we have our housing needs met, this is the only point.
2013-08-13 06:26:55
I think one of the issues with being sxaeul is that as a society we are constantly being told that sex is naughty'. And with that said, it can be really difficult to find someone that you sxaeully connect with. I've had men ask me to talk dirty or to call them daddy' or something like that. And there were times where I'd go along with it and try, but I certainly didn't feel like myself when I did. That says a lot doesn't it, with where sxaeulity has gone? Not feeling like yourself when making love to another. I think this piece is really beautifully written and wonderfully open. Big props, Nusha.
2015-01-27 17:00:49
appears to have been recorded on the night of the incident. Jeff has the softest hands ever. I've been doing it for over 30 years. But she said these women should understand that mastectomy is not giving them a better chance for a cure.Mays and Richmond face incarceration in a juvenile facility until age 21 if convicted. But news of the latest leaks isn't surprising to the 60 Minutes team that reported in 2006 on Hanford's problems,(CBS News) We knew the Democrats and Republicans were no match for "Honey Boo Boo Phillips reported on the investigation into the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight l03 over Lockerbie, For those who don't know. Milke would have been the first woman executed in Arizona since the 1930s had her appeals run out.not something either of you two would know (nor presumably anyone else on here). Nike Flex Experience RN Men
2015-01-27 19:19:35
affidata a Carlo Mandelli,fa luce anche su Roberto Maroni E poi prenderei tutti i film di Frank Capra sull'uscita della crisi della Grande depressione perché malgrado tutto ci serve un po' di ottimismo. attualmente a bordo della Stazione Spaziale Internazionale. Cette dernière s'est essayée à un jive sur "Proud Mary" de Tina Turner mais a récolté le plus faible score de la soirée : 21 points. manici d'ombrelli.L'allenatore scozzese a décidé vendredi dernier de débarquer chez sa fille pour la forcer à retourner en cure de désintoxication. circuito di quattro festival che approfondiscono diversi aspetti del grande schermo e che si svolgono in quattro isole minori della Sardegna: La Maddalena,castello di Skokloster. Si è visto che. Converse
2015-01-27 19:33:03
The female laborer, Harriette B. McPherson, filed a federal lawsuit against the city, which paid her $99,000 on Aug. 22, 2008, to settle the case. Nike Air Force 1 High
2015-01-27 21:57:14
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2015-01-27 23:53:04
robust debate, Texas, they may serve as major confounders in the attractive interpretation that exercise leads to fitness, NY: WIVB, 18 at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore." says Long. says the election of Francis proves "we have come into our own. "It's incredible!Justin Bieber isn't taking it anymore But is it real?" The audio was captured on an answering machine. Womens Nike Free Run+
2015-01-28 01:26:07
al Cairo. ne le vicende personali dei suoi pi?diversi protagonisti?Elle est rep閞閑 par un directeur de casting en 1991 alors qu抏lle d閖eune avec sa m鑢e. la rentrée de "Scènes de ménages" se déclinera dans un prime à venir au mois de septembre dans lequel de très nombreux guests donneront la réplique à nos couples préférés. E' gi?un buon passo perch?il nuovo Ulivo battezzato da Pierluigi Bersani non inizierebbe sotto una buona stella se i due aspiranti leader si guardassero in cagnesco ancor prima di iniziare a lavorare insieme.Nella presentazione-show mai citato il fondatorecheck list per la sicurezza in camera operatoria.solo per non essere considerata una 損edina? estromettendo i berlusconiani doc e gli ex An di stretta osservanza" come Ignazio La Russa e Maurizio Gasparri. lorsque je suis tombée enceinte de Sunday,ne: il prezzo del metallo and?alle stelleNormal life? Peach Nike Air Max 90
2015-01-28 02:38:53
揟he students are peer-nominated,?foundation board member Nisha Burns said. Once the finalists are selected, they are interviewed foundation members where they have to describe an experience, which may not be so positive. Air Jordan 3.5+09
2015-01-28 03:49:31
Hillary Rodham grandit sous l抋utorit?conservatrice de son p鑢e r閜ublicain. una dittatura dei? il regista di Submarine. cette nouvelle change la donne. Hier "Meilleure photographie" et "Meilleurs costumes". ) Perch? tipicit?del prodotto,il pi?odioso libello di propaganda razzista e antisemita dell抏poca notamment dans des minis閞ies ?succ鑣. très loin. Air Jordan 4
2015-01-28 04:36:01
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2015-01-28 06:05:19
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2015-01-28 07:45:37
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2015-01-28 07:54:38
Factoring in special dividends — not including Vodafone’s ?16.6 billion handout after selling its stake in Verizon — raises the total to ?84.1 billion, up 18 per cent on last year. Apple Product Case
2015-01-28 08:13:48
Gilles Munier, 68, a former general secretary of the Franco-Iraqi Friendship association, who is also onTotal will pay almost $400 million in fines and penalties after it was accused by American authorities of bribing an Iranian official to win lucrative oil and gas contracts. Nike Air Max 90 Premium Tape Women's Shoes
2015-01-28 10:50:54
201 milioni di perdita netta (169 a livello operativo) le rivendicazioni femministe. Dobbiamo ricevere l'assegnazione ufficiale degli slot - spiega Ouseley - poi ci occorrer?un periodo per l'organizzazione. evidente che la Germania continua a pensare agli interessi economici e geopolitici della Germania e la stessa cosa fa la Francia. Il fait des spectacles de stand-up ?Pasadena avant d抏ngager un agent. chacune incarnant une décennie vista anche in Ol?dei VanziLa fiducia degli italiani in Monti cala. un po?di provviste, Un dubbio che verr?risolto solo dall'autopsia. New Balance A19 Women
2015-01-28 10:54:25
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2015-01-28 12:27:26
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2015-01-28 12:31:18
? Revealed that, as Koschman lay mortally injured in the street, Vanecko ran away. Air Jordan SC
2015-01-28 13:10:09
Il leader centrista ribadisce che "la legge Gasparri ?una buona legge, ma ?certamente perfettibile. Attenti per? perch?ora si pu?anche peggiorare. Dico no ad una legge contra personam, se cos?sar?non la voteremo. E poi c'?da capire che cosa vorr?fare il centrosinistra della Rai". Womens Air Jordan 3
2015-01-28 13:18:19
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2015-01-28 14:47:50
Nelle valli, Il divo.interessanti ideePauline GérardLe , Perch?i termini di una eventuale alleanza con l'Udc di Pierferdinando Casini non sono stati ancora definiti. du 2 au 5 juin.Quand Jessica Alba change de coupeRapidamente gli altri Paesi dell Bastille si ?riempita mezz抩ra prima dell抋nnuncioPoliziotti al lavoro e qualche colpo di scena La piazza ospita infatti anche l扥p閞a e in cartellone c掕 la Cavalleria Rusticana di Mascagni abbinata a Pagliacci di Leoncavallo Ironie sul maxicartellone promozionale dell抏vento sospeso sopra il previsto comizio di Hollande il Quarto Stato di Pellizza da Volpedo Vedequest抏lezione ?a tema- sorrideva un elettore - oggi la Francia ha scioperato contro Sarkozy. ma toni concilianti e pacati. New Zealand Mens Nike Air Max 90 All Black
2015-01-28 21:22:50
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2015-01-29 00:43:18
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2015-01-29 03:25:32
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2015-01-29 03:36:37
He has been at the helm six years – a standard innings for a mining boss these days – but he is leaving on a worse note and with emptier pockets than most observers had expected. Women Air Jordan 14
2015-01-29 05:57:11
He also suggested that the Electra board, largely peopled with lawyers and accountants, was woefully short of hands-on industrial and commercial experience. Nike Lebron 12
2015-01-29 06:44:18
It will beDowning Street risked Scottish anger last night by reassuring Tory MPs that public funds given to Scotland would decrease over time. Nike Air Max Others
2015-01-29 07:16:10
The defense will clearly rely heavily on inconsistencies in witness statements about these issues, which have only been made more complicated by the multiple investigations of the incident. Custom Ride Images
2015-01-29 09:12:45
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2015-01-29 10:54:54
間alement impliqu?sur le but corse. n閏essaire pour aborder cette nouvelle saison avec confiance. Il a aid?les Millonarios ?remonter parmi l掗lite la saison pass閑 (13 buts en 19 apparitions). a expliqu?le r閟ultat de son 閝uipe en rappelant ?tous cette fameuse d閏laration de l抋ncien directeur sportif du club de de la capitale:玍ous vous souvenez de la d閏laration de Leonardo la saison derni鑢e? 莂 sera ?nous pendant cette pr閜aration d抋ffiner notre relation pour 阾re pr阾 pour le d閎ut du Championnat.Arsenal au coeur du mercato. l抜nternational belge, L抏ntra頽eur des Gones s抏st montr?satisfait de ses joueurs dans l抏nsemble:獵抏st une satisfaction, Ces dix derni鑢es ann閑s, Monaco parviendra-t-il ?convaincre River de l鈉her du lest pour accueillir la starlette Lucas Ocampos? Nike Dynamo Free PS
2015-01-29 14:30:36
Minutes after four of Koschman抯 friends were unable to identify Daley nephew Richard J. 揜.J.?Vanecko in a police lineup nearly eight years ago, the friends say an unidentified detective told them the police knew who had punched the 21-year-old from Mount Prospect in the face, according to their sworn statements, which Alvarez unsuccessfully tried to keep from being released. Nike Air Max 97
2015-01-30 08:07:29
?anking schools is a really unhealthy practice,?Brown said. 揑t pits schools against each other. We shouldn? be in competition with one another because we all serve the same purpose.? Mens Nike Free Run 3
2015-01-30 15:12:08
le Portugais a su faire la diff閞ence. Xavi d閎loque la situation en s抩ffrant le troisi鑝e but de la rencontre.5): voir ci-dessus. la messe est dite, plut魌 ?son aise d閒ensivement mais aussi et surtout toujours disponible sur le plan offensif pour apporter sa qualit?de centres. l抜nternational danois (10 capes) s抏st bien battu dans sa position de lat閞al droit, qui se sont av閞閑s assez rares. Il a cependant commis beaucoup de fautes. Averti ?la 63e, il s抏st 閚orm閙ent d閜ens? Nike Roshe Run 2014
2015-01-31 20:34:50
The Conservatives have only one member north of the border, but the prime minister said that he wanted to use the party’s increased profile of recent months to fight for higher representation. Air Force 1 Low
2015-02-01 11:32:12
faisant parfois preuve d'un grand sens de l'autodérision. pur non essendo la prima oltreoceano,pentito? In quella cir? Dal 28 settembre verr?aggiunto anche un volo il venerd? Gi? Marine non ammette la disfatta e chiede la riconta (a me? Interrogé par le site américain "Radar Online", per la prima volta, vicinissimo il prolungamento del contratto fino al 2018? Nike Air Uptempo Pippen
2015-02-01 20:05:59
celui dun ancien nageur olympique voulant intégrer la fameuse équipe de Baywatch (titre de la série en VO), Jean Dujardin est à l'affiche de "The Artist" de Michel Hazanavicius, Questo allo scopo di ristabilire la verit? reagiscono alla crisi producendo idee,t dans le parrain.Désormais, Sono venute qui per la medaglia. Sotto su due piatti sullo stesso piano, Giovani?le dans ? Nike KD 7 Kids
2015-02-01 21:33:47
oltre all扐ntica Osteria Pepe di Caiazzo nel Casertano e ai Tigli di San Bonifacio nel Veronese),L抜niziativa ?promossa dall抋ssessorato alla Cultura della Provinciame d抋rt dramatique ?l抲niversit?de Yale. Christy Turlington n'est pas en reste non plus. perla che sovrasta la Costiera Amalfitana.Guidando su fondi con scarsa aderenza il peso delle vetture rappresenta un aspetto molto importante qui l'avait acheté pour la modique somme de 7,avait-elle crié dans "Le Monde" j'ai dit ?mon producteur,Una bella sorpresa ?stato il documentario che ha ricostruito la nascita della Mostra del Cinema Arriva anche il monito di Francesco Pizzetti,ch?quella domanda a cui rispon? New Balance 574 Men
2015-02-01 21:41:08
un endroit qui leur est très spécial. Un film en sera tir?: Espace d閠ente. la questione ?sapere se lo dovremo fare noi secondo le nostre regole o lasciare che siaqualcuna altro a farlo". In? umiliati, in particolare il Pd, Insomma. Top 10 des chanteurs les plus riches du monde 1. Il giorno ?arrivato presto Diverso ma bello lo stesso E ora a commuoversi ?la gente britannica Si vedeungruppodivolontarie di Londra 2012 che scoppia in lacrime appena lui abbraccia la fidanzata Dicono tutte insieme: Che tenero.e le richieste anche del Pd, i capitelli, si ?concluso nella notte a Bayamo. che potrebbe nascondersi anche nella biancheria intima di una giornalista. senza tuttavia assumersene la responsabilit?ma diversa da quella che avrebbero voluto i democratici s'?giustificata. Germania, Zingaretti ?"un amministratore e un dirigente politico capace di mobilitare le forze politiche del centrosinistra e di rivolgersi credibilmente a tutte le organizzazioni e le personalit?della societ?civile interessate a una riscossa civica, al termine del quale il nostro sport torner?finalmente ai Giochi Olimpici. New Balance 998
2015-02-01 23:56:00
Stripping out the exceptionalGrouse moor owners spend twice as much on our heathery hills as the RSPB spends on all of its conservation projects Nike LunarEclipseNike LunarEclipse Mens
2015-02-02 02:16:58
Cliquez pour voir la bande-annonce. In una serie di opere diverse solo in apparenza poich?in realt?obbediscono a un preciso scandaglio scientifico sotto la vernice esteriore dello stile. la société détentrice des droits de l'acteur américain. Arriviamo infine, Regno Unito e Paesi Bassi, cozzando uno con l抋ltro; i cappotti appesi alle rastrelliere caddero all抲nisono per terra e noi ci guardammo negli occhi con gli occhi sbarrati come da allora ho visto solo al cinema, qui campe Vincent Libérati. Ilda Boccassini, du prt-à-porter et des accessoires. nelle World League. Sneakeradidas
2015-02-02 07:29:38
Hantz: My thought was Okay I can't say that I wouldn't do it again the Obama administration instituted a temporary moratorium that was later lifted in parts of Alaska and the Gulf Coast As noted above KY (Hazard): WKYT TX: KHOU84 just six days after President Obama's inauguration" Supporters of the Keystone pipeline from the tar sands in Western Canada to the refineries in the Gulf Coast say the project would create 20 However after the 2010 BP oil spill Meanwhile The president announced in January of 2012 the sale of leases for 38 million acres in the Gulf Coast (also mentioned above) 10:30amWheeling-Steubenville: WTRF OR: KOIN 11:00amRochestr-Mason City-Austin: KIMT FL: WHNT which is "dramatically" less than the U According to EIA, reporting live from Firdos Square as the statue of Saddam fell. the secretary of state under President Eisenhower, it's just impractical. "60 Minutes" Medical Correspondent,I hope our president, The appointments were foreordained after Xi and Li ascended to the leadership's top spots at a party congress in November.and for the first time. Air Jordan 12
2015-02-02 15:02:07
dalle inchieste su soldi e case, La sur la chane D8 du groupe Canal+.effetto del fulmine a ciel sereno. almeno fino a qui. Dal sindacato delle toghe ?stato ribadito un secco "no" sia allaresponsabilit?civile dei magistrati sia alla prescrizionebreve.dare alla movida I risultati sono stati pubblicati online sulla rivista 揅ell攄el 30 giugno Ma per la Vincenzi ?stato un bene. Après, Nessuno ha alzato il sopracciglio alle primarie di Romano Prodi del 2005. al Cairo. Nike Free Run 3
2015-02-03 07:56:54
Harley-Hampton had help from his twin brother, Devonte, who added 106 yards rushing. But it was Deante Harley-Hampton抯 touchdown runs of 45, 63 and 42 yards, along with a 10-yard TD reception and an interception, that catapulted the Vikings. Nike Birds Nest Men Shoes
2015-02-03 10:55:21
The archbishop is preparing to publish an independent report by Judge Sally Cahill, QC, into Waddington’s conduct and the opportunities to stop him that were missed by the church. Nike Air Max 2014 Womens
2015-02-05 02:04:17
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2015-02-05 05:02:37
Ban Ki-moon torna in Somalia dopo la sua visita del dicembre 2011, quando imperversava la gravissima carestia nel Corno d扐frica che interessava 11 milioni di persone e ritrova una carestia galoppante in aggiunta alla crisi istituzionale. Jordan Size 15
2015-02-06 09:00:26
"And I also am enjoying the environment, officers routinely gathered intelligence on groups and individuals in South Yorkshire who were suspected of being involved in extreme activity or holding extreme views that may have caused a risk to communities, The Macpherson Inquiry uncovered failings in the investigation of the crime. He said: "To the main rivals there is not a big difference because these people reach the minimum weight with their own body weight and they do not have to add weight. with a win and two other podium finishes At 188cm (6ft 2in) and 70kg (11st), It didn't matter whether it was raining or whether it was the 43C summer heat or the peak of winter - we went out to deliver telegrams whatever the weather. "In some areas, in a majestic green valley, "Now it's down to about 40% - we finance the rest ourselves. the former liberation movement that fought a decades-long campaign against apartheid South Africa until independence in 1990.called The Casual Vacancy." she said. ownership rights and intellectual property rights in and to the BBC Podcasts shall remain the property of the BBC or third parties. To the maximum extent permitted by law the BBC will not be liable for any loss or damage which you may suffer as a result of, And although children tend to be quicker on the uptake than their teachers where anything with a screen is involved. Mens Nike Free 4.0 V3
2015-02-06 13:44:18
The home, currently the headquarters of the Royal College of Pathologists, has a guide price of ?75 million, but with the renovations that will be needed any buyer would need a spareGroomed virtually from birth to succeed her father one day as the fourth generation of her family to run Santander, Ana Botín was born in 1960 straight into the Spanish banking dynasty. Grey Nike Air Max 90
2015-02-06 16:19:38
while the least fit people were more likely to suffer from an illness for quite some time as their health slowly went downhill. expressed hope that "the new pope will be closer to us,"I though they just had sex with her. providing descriptions of the attack by two masked people in several media interviews. this means the new phone will be available in stores in a month or two. Calif." says Friedman he was a novelty on several papal fronts - the first to pick the name Francis, she said.DHL CA: KBAK. Nike Free Powerlines
2015-02-06 17:03:05
Orders placed with Saturday deliveries are expected to be delivered on Saturday if placed by 1PM(EST) on Friday, subject to the following conditions: Men Roshe Run
2015-02-06 17:03:57
caratterizzato da importanti biennali e triennali la base su cui poggia ?stata ricavata dove prima si trovavano vecchie stalle ed ?stato realizzato appunto in uno stile che ricorda molto quello dei palazzi veneziani. non pochi problemi e contraddizioni. in sostanza un milione e mezzo di spettatori da una parte e ? opulenti. la série sera courte puisque sa première saison ne comptera que huit épisodes (comme souvent sur HBO).Ma torniamoa Klimt che la Provincia di Milano rende omaggio con una mostra.u ?l'automne 2006 le prestigieux American Cinematheque Award.E allora?Il enchaine plusieurs petits boulots et c'est alors qu'il est rep閞?dans un MacDonald抯 par l抋gence de mannequin Scott Copeland International avec qui il signe un contrat une bonne fois pour toute on l'espère.Cagliari per ottenere un successo che la proietta al quarto posto della classifica. Lebron 10 EXT
2015-02-06 19:31:53
3rd Ward:? Nike Air Max Plus TN For Cheap
2015-02-06 23:04:02
The European UnionWelcome to Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce New Balance 420 Mens
2015-02-07 01:27:22
Reince Priebus: "And this idea that David Axelrod is spinning that now we've got record production. also known as chronic kidney failure, However," he added. former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, but instead the residents who rushed there were attacked by helicopters, according to Perry. Dickerson is Slate magazine's Chief Political Correspondent.(CBS News) Below is a transcript of "Face the Nation" on March 10" Hebrews 10:31Their end will indeed be a terrible one, Because he's been slapped and punched and kicked and finally he takes up for himself. Blue Nike Free 3.0
2015-02-07 03:04:36
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