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Małgorzata Foremniak na dużym ekranie

W najbliższy weekend fani Małgorzaty Foremniak znowu będą mogli zobaczyć ją na dużym ekranie.
Małgorzata Foremniak na dużym ekranie

Do kin wchodzi komedia dla młodzieży "Krótka histeria czasu", w której gwiazda zagrała matkę jednej z głównych bohaterek - Marty. Film opowiada o podróżach w czasie i pierwszych, studenckich miłościach. W roli głównej występuje Mateusz Damięcki.

2013-08-03 15:47:37
Scatts, this took my a while to get my act together and write a reply.Frankly siepkang, I was a bit humped when I read this a couple of days ago. This post showed me bluntly this a blog for expats, well-off expats. At first I thought you were totally out of touch, but in fact you live in your own world with your dilemmas being far from ordinary Pole's dilemmas and still different than Polish fledging middle class' quandaries. This impression was incited by sqm prices. For most Poles prices of standard' properties ca. 8,000 PLN are exorbitant and fewer and fewer people can afford to take out a mortgage to buy it, not to mention there are few and far between who can buy sth with their own cash.Now substative comments:1. Right prediction, and prices are going to decline over next 2 3 years, because:a) properties is Warsaw are still pricey and the more people realise it, the weaker the demand side' of the market is to push prices up, in the meantime more and more sellers want to fianlly dispose of their flats, the imbalance on the market is growing,b) creditworthiness criteria have been tightened, due to: (i) rising interest rates that send installments higher, (ii) lessons bank learnt from the crisis, (iii) recommendations issued by Polish financial supervision authority.2. If you wish to measure level of prices on the market, compare average sqm price to average salary. In Warsaw asking prices average out some 9,000 PLN and gross salaries is around 5,000 PLN, this gives some 3,400 PLN. I realise earnings of 5,000 PLN is a pittance for you, but for many people in Warsaw, mostly those who want to settle down here, it's out reach!!!3. The prices from you estates you quote are generally absurd, but OK, if somebody wants to pay so mush, it's theri business, but prices ranging from 11,000 PLN to 18,000 PLN or from 18,000 PLN to 53,000 PLN prove somethign's wrong with the market.4. PROPERTY 1 jaw drops open5. PROPERTY 2 here the price is within reason6. Scatts, I don't want to pass preconceived judgements, but you don't appear to be financially prudent to have lived for 12 years in rented apartments (those weren't tiny flats and rent charges weren't low) if for some time you have known you would stay in Poland for good I can only wish you well with a mortgage application, I was recently offered to have my creditworthiness examined for free and the outcome was that I can take up to 230,000 PLN for 40 years. Now think what I can buy for 230,000 PLN in Warsaw (OK, I have some savings so the price can be higher) and look at the prospect of paying off a tiny flat for 40 years and ending up in the eve of retirement with a 30-sqm flat in panel block building. Of course the assumption is flawed because my earnings will rise, but from the point where I am now things are rose-coloured.To recap, given the market environment, price should only decline
2013-08-13 05:52:06
I agree that this is Warsaw's Best Brunch my husband and I go once every cuolpe of months, when we get a sushi craving And our 2 (very active!) boys love the play area. The live music is excellent, and the staff are all smiling and friendly. I can think of no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon .
2014-05-18 23:46:59
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